Balmain Hair Professional Straightener/Curler – Backstage Set

Balmain Hair present the Titanium Straightener/Curler; a professional styling tool that combines a sleek, ergonomic design with high performance results. With smooth floating plates that give 24% more heat conduction and glide effortlessly through hair, you can expect glossy, frizz-free locks every time. Featuring multiple heat settings and an LED display, the irons heat up quickly to a maximum temperature of 220°C, whilst the built-in shut-off function kicks in after being inactive for thirty minutes, making them perfect for salon and home use. Complete with a heat-resistant mat, convenient pouch, hairbrush, styling clips and shine spray. Features: Sleek, ergonomic design Smooth floating plates glide through hair 24% more heat conduction for long-lasting effect Multiple heat settings up to 220°C Negative ion sensor 30 minutes auto shut-off LED display Ideal for salon or home use Works with both the brand’s Memory®Hair and 100% Human Hair Complete with pouch, mat and accessories
How to create waves: Hold the iron at a right angle from your head, with one hand on the handle and the other on the end-grips. Now give the iron half turn under the hair. Slowly, but firmly, glide it 3-4cm down. Stop and give it a half turn in the other direction. Then glide the iron down another 3-4cm. Repeat this zigzag turning all the way along the length of the hair, to create beautiful flowing waves. How to create curls: Start sectioning your hair. Take a 2-3cm wide piece of hair at the nape of your neck. Place your iron vertically at the root, then give it a half turn, twisting it around your hair through the iron. Don’t hold the iron too tightly or it will be difficult to work your hair through. Continue this technique moving up your head to create a naturally curly look that’s both soft and bouncy.

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