Dolce&Gabbana Royal Shadow Liquid Eyeshadow 8ml (Various Shades) – N2

Achieve regal eye looks fit for a queen with the Royal Shadow Liquid Eyeshadow from Dolce&Gabbana’s coveted 2021 holiday collection. Available in two pearlescent shades – ‘Baroque Bronze’ (a rich chocolatey brown) and ‘Vibrant Green’ (a decadent emerald) – the ultra-pigmented shadows boast a dreamy, creamy texture and blends beautifully on your eyelids. Offering sheer to buildable coverage depending on the intensity you desire, the formula is easy to apply with its tapered wand and stays on all day without fading. Presented in glass packaging topped with a bejewelled crown.

price: 43.0 (click here fore more information