Electric Head Jog Titanium Pro-Air Clipper Plus

Look sharp with the Electric Head Jog Titanium Pro-Air Clipper Plus, a cordless, rechargeable hair clipper with innovative Stay Cool System for comfortable styling. Tackling even the thickest of hair, the professional clipper is powered by a 5-speed rotary motor with Smart Clip technology; it enables full control with an LCD digital display, and automatically adjusts when it senses resistance to ensure a smooth, even cut every time. Fitted with a lithium ion battery, it delivers four hours of run time, and can be charged to full in three hours with fast-charge technology. Its titanium blades are sharp and durable, and its Stay Cool System ensures blades stay cool throughout styling for enhanced comfort. Four cutting lengths offer styling versatility, along with two double-sided attachment combs. Features: Cordless hair clipper. Rechargeable. Fast-charge technology. Titanium blades. Lithium ion battery – 4 hour run time. 5-speed rotary motor. Smart Clip technology. LCD digital display. Stay Cool System. Four cutting lengths (1mm – 1.9mm in 0.3-mm increments). Two double-sided attachment combs (3, 6, 9 and 12mm).

price: 58.0 (click here fore more information