Kevyn Aucoin The Neo Powder Brush

The Neo Powder Brush from Kevyn Aucoin is an essential tool for contouring, shaping and highlighting the face. The slanted shape means that the brush hugs every curve and reaches into every corner, ensuring a perfectly even application and an airbrushed finish. Softer top bristles diffuse product over the skin for sheer coverage, while the firmer bottom bristles offer superior colour payoff. The result is expert powder application that leaves the complexion with a subtle, natural-looking glow.
Step 1: To highlight, sweep the Neo Powder Brush through your favourite Kevyn Aucoin Neo Highlighter and apply to the top of the cheekbones, centre bridge of nose, lips and chin Step 2: For a bronzed look, swipe the tip of the Neo Brush through any Kevyn Aucoin Bronzer and lightly apply to the cheeks, top of forehead, nose and chin. Step 3: Use the belly of the Neo Brush to blend into the skin for a natural finish. The outer bristles stand taller than the middle bristles. For a sheer application, sweep once through the product to coat the taller bristles. For a more intense application, swish the Neo Brush back and forth through the product to fill the centre bristles and blend onto the skin.

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