OUAI Dry Hair Supplement

Hydrate hair from the inside out with the OUAI Dry Hair Supplement; a monthly dose of supplements that treat locks to an array of intense, hydrating nutrients. Ideal for frizz-prone hair, bleached tresses and those with dry and flaky scalps, the Dry Hair Supplements guarantee to make hair visibly longer, stronger and healthier within 90 days. The supplements are formulated with Vitamin E, Biotin and Silica, which work in synergy to transform dry, dehydrated locks, whilst encouraging healthy hair growth. With continued use, hair appears silky, strong and lustrous. Finished with a dose of Omega 3 and 6, the treatment restores enviable shine and radiance back to hair. Hydration is replenished and hair is less prone to damage.
Pop one tablet a day with a big gulp of H2O. Keep it up for 90 days and brace yourself for compliments.

price: 26.0 (click here fore more information