brushworks Brush Cleaner Tool

The brushworks Brush Cleaner Tool can be used with water or cleansing solution to keep your makeup brushes in tip-top condition. Its ergonomic design sits comfortably in the hand, whilst its textured surface effectively removes dirt, impurities and product build-up […]

brushworks X-LUXX #3 Tapered Oval Brush

Create professional makeup looks with the brushworks X-LUXX #3 Tapered Oval Brush; a must-have, versatile beauty tool that delivers multiple benefits. Featuring a narrow brush head and ultra-soft fibres, it can be used to fill in and define brows, to […]

Brushworks Glitter Eyelash Curler

Create enviable curves with this pair of Brushworks eyelash curlers, equipped with glittery handles. Enhancing the shape and curvature of your natural lashes, the rose gold curlers are fitted with a thick, rounded, hypoallergenic silicone pad that envelopes the lashes, […]

brushworks Eye Brow Razors

Perfect your eyebrows with the Brushworks Eyebrow Razors. This pain-free hair removal tool helps define the brow line without the need for tweezing or waxing, as well as gently exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing for enhanced absorption of moisturisers and […]

brushworks Cuticle Pusher

The Dual-end Brushworks Cuticle Pusher comes with 2 different tools, both a curved, spoon-like end for pushing and shaping the cuticles and a bladed end which scrapes the hard-to-remove leftover skin residue on the nail, removes glue from acrylic nails […]